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“Kimmie is a life mechanic. She is helping me orient my entire future to a truer version of myself than I have ever been able to put into words previously. She brings a keen mind and ear for strategy to our conversations that makes me instantly more effective in my thinking - even talking things through in Kimmie’s presence allows for a kind of clarity and new seeing that is my mark for an extraordinary coach.
Anyone can pick up a ruler, but watching a world-class architect use the same tools is an act of fortune and a true lifelong treasure. Thank you Kimmie for affecting my life in this highly malleable time from which my future career is rising.”

Megan M.

I got so much more then I had expected. The support and responsiveness was amazing. Try her service at least once and you will know exactly what I mean.

Ashandi W.

After our sessions, I always feel lifted up and get the boost I need to keep moving forward in my life. Meeting with Kimmie, helps take my mind off the situation and on the positive possibilities in front of me. I am excited about the relationship I have built with Kimmie. She embodies the woman I want to be as a mother, a boss and a strong woman. She also helped me to learn my parenting strength. I was super excited. 

Jasmine C.

Kimmie is very open, welcoming and approachable. She displays a genuine interest in listening, addressing problems, concerns, and has generously offered guidance and support. She has also created opportunities in areas pertaining to career growth by offering trainings, discussions, hands-on experience and has empowered individuals by matching their tasks with their strengths. A great coach consistently provides support, promotes one-on-one communication and provides feedback, and Kimmie possesses those qualities.

Maria S.

Kimmie was very helpful in helping me put together quick, achievable action plans in order to further my career development path. In our conversations you can always tell that she genuinely cares about you and what goals you have for yourself. Even better, she tries to find next steps to make those goals a reality. I couldn't recommend her enough! 

Alissa J.

I find Kimmie to be a person of great integrity, who is approachable, supportive and is willing to listen to concerns and needs of others. Kimmie displays a genuine interest in empowering and helping one reach their full potential relating to both career and personal growth. I have grown and become more confident and I am grateful for Kimmie showing me how to do that!

Mary G.

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